Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Traktor 2.0! First Impressions

Finally got my copy of Traktor Pro 2.0!

I received the e-voucher in my mailbox for a free upgrade from Traktor S4 to Traktor Pro 2.0, and after playing with it for awhile, here are some short, silly scribbles of what i initially  think of it...

Yep - the new waveforms are awesome! Although most people would definitely choose the "Spectrum" aka colour-coded waveforms. The most awesome thing is we can now ZOOM in really really to the zero crossing so placing beatgrids are sooooo easy now!!!

Umm... is this thing stable yet?
First time i booted Traktor 2, when I chose the S4 as my sound card in the settings, it crashed! Although i have not been able to replicate this again, its just scary how the first time you try to boot an update it crashed! Then again it is version 2.01, meaning its a very young release, it might need a bit of time for bugs to get ironed out

Be prepared to re-analyze your tracks - all of em!
You WILL need to re-scan your Traktor tracks, yep every single track in your collection!
Make sure you do a proper backup if you are worried bout losing your tags etc... It will take quite some time to re-analyze thousands and thousands of mp3s!

Worth the price for software upgrade?
Personally, even just for the improved waveforms and the ability to zoom in to extreme levels, yes it is definitely worth it, as i really hated beatgridding in the previous version of Traktor, now they make it so much easier to prep tracks before a gig!