Friday, March 4, 2011

Awesome new videos of Traktor S4 scratching capabilities

Yes I know, the Pioneer DDJ-T1 and the DDJ-S1 are coming out soon (In fact some stores are already stocking up the DDJ-T1!) and you are all confused whether to go with the S4 or the Pioneer controllers

Yes - I am one of those ones who were considering the Pioneer controllers, having owned many Pioneer products and were impressed by their quality (we are talking bout CDJs here, for mixers Rane is the way to go!) but at the same time I love Native Instruments products, so I couldnt make up my mind whether I should sell my S4 and get the Pioneer or just stay with the S4!!  Ahh.. the Choices!!

Click HERE to see my past mini-review of the Traktor Kontrol S4

Remember : The S4 Gives free Traktor Pro 2 update (later when its out) while the DDJ-T1 comes with what essentially is a 4-deck version of Traktor Duo 1, and to update to the new Traktor 2 in April we will have to pay something like USD $149 on top~

And according to many forum posts, a lot of people are having the same dilemma deciding between the Traktor Kontrol S4 VS the Pioneer DDJ-T1...

Let me confuse you even more! These are some pretty cool videos of scratching on the S4 - awesome stuff considering the size of the jogwheels!

If you think the Kontrol S4 is big, wait till you see the next video which shows the units side-by-side for comparison... Dang the DDJ-T1 is huge!!! Seeing the S4 next to the DDJ-T1 makes the S4 look sooo tiny!

Technically due to the larger jogwheels on the DDJ-T1 the scratch performances should be on par with the old CDJ-400 (which were awesome by the way - i owned one before) but before someone does a scratch video on the DDJ-T1 we'll never know yet!