Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Native Instruments / Traktor Scratch Stickers!!!

Lookie lookie! I just received in the mailbox from native instruments:

hmmm an envelope from Germany? I wonder what's inside...


Is this... the infamous APPLE Native Instruments Sticker!!???

Yes They Are! And this is it on my Macbook Pro : Nice right? :D

Native Instruments have kindly sent me a huge set of Traktor Scratch stickers, The best one of all is the one i showed above : A clear, apple shaped Sticker, with a BLACK Native Instruments Logo in the middle of it, specifically made for Macbook / Macbook Pro's - Very nice!

How did I get them? well rumor has it that if you e-mail them and be nice (and have a few of their products of course) , they MIGHT send you some...  Feel free to try! :D