Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kurzweil KS-40A reference monitors (mini-review)

I have been reading positive reviews about the Kurzweil KS40A speakers, at the same time I was on the hunt for a pair of monitor speakers but since i just spent a fortune on a brand new Macbook Pro, I either have to cope with a cheap speaker or Go rob a bank.

Fortunately, i learnt that you dont have to rob a bank to get really good quality speakers!!

Check out what i just bought today:

The packaging

Dont let the packaging fool you! These are probably the best speakers you can buy for below $100 SGD, thats right, i bought them for just SGD$95! (equates to USD $70) from Citymusic (singapore). Of course if you have the cash to spend then i would recommend getting the Yamaha HS50M instead (which costs more than 4 times!) but if you want something NOW that's cheap and is worth every cent - This is it!

Inside the box

Before i started studying audio engineering, I was one of those guys with I-WANT-MORE-BAAAASS syndrome , meaning i didnt care much about the clarity of the sound that was being outputted and bass was all that important, today as I learn about audio mixing and production, I realized the importance of CLARITY and Flat frequency response , well for $95 SGD these bad boys are flatter than kate moss' boobs!!

These speakers are very clean, very balanced, and just sound AWESOME! They simply outperformed every other speaker in its price range, and even the ones which are more expensive! I compared this to the Creative gigaworks T20 (about the same price), even outperformed the Gigaworks T40 (about twice the price) and the kurzweil kills the creative speakers hands down!!  FATALITY!!! FINISH HIM!! *electronic blood splatters everywhere*

This is how they look like - plain and simple!

The speakers are 10W each only, meaning there wont be much bass, but at the same time its a good thing because the sound wont be drowned in all the bass like those typical creative 2.1 speaker + sub combo! You can still hear substantial amount of bass, not too much, just right, and there's a knob at the back to adjust if you want more, but personally i recommend leaving it at the default setting

If you are looking for a decent, super cheap speakers that are worth their price, then you should try to locate a dealer that sells these and give them a listen - chances are you will love them! Again for mixing purposes i will still recommend the Yamaha HS50m over this anytime for its clarity, but the Yamaha costs about four times as much as the Kurzweils, which is understandable! But for the price & value thing, Kurzweil KS40A's ROCK!

I have tested the kurzweil KS40A's for listening to music with really nice results, I also tried hooking up my Traktor S4 dj controller to the KS40A's and the combination of NI Soundcard + Good speakers gives a really nice clean output! So Traktor S4 owners looking for a cheap speaker for bedroom practicing~ This is a good one!

This will do fine until i get my hands on a Yamaha HS80 :) which i will do get in a few months!

Kurzweil KS-40A / KS40A Mini Review By Ivan Zilch

Kurzweil for specs and more info

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