Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hello... Yes how are you!

I have been really really busy the past few months with my new job (in the high end audio product industry - very interesting indeed, will blog about it soon perhaps). I have been kinda neglecting this blog, but seeing that I do still get people checking out my blog (and emailing me - thank you - no I am not dead but thanks for asking) I have decided to write this - like a quick update thing and some stuff that I always wanted to write on the blog (but never had the time - i work 6 days a week now!)

Anyways, here is a quick update on whats been happening  while I was gone

The XDJ-R1 is Real!

HOLY SHIT! See! I told you its gonna come out! This thing will sell like hotcakes, seeing that it supports both CD's and Rekordbox USB's - the built in effects are similar to that of the PRO level DJM800/850/900 and with Quantize and Hotcue features - this thing is going to be a hit as it is pretty affordable (USD $1099 RRP? yep thats a good price). Seems like Pioneer wants to defend itself against the increasingly-affordable dj controllers.

Native Instruments Announced the Traktor Z1

This thing looks so portable and fun! Mind you - this will not likely be replacing your dj mixer nor it will be a pro DJ solution, but it seems like a super fun and portable Traktor controller - just one of this and an X1 or the F1 and you are good to rock a house party~

The Traktor X1 MK2 "Alleged" photos are online

In case you havent seen them in the DJTT Article, the alleged photos of the Traktor X1 MK2 controller looks AMAZING - and seems like just the right controller to compliment the Traktor Z1 controller recently announced. The touch strips seem to work like the Novation Twitch and would work for pitch bending and track seeking. Not bad NI, not bad at all.... Please release it ASAP!!

Sennheiser Announced The HD-25 Aluminium

Say Woooot? Not content with inflicting RGAS to Gear Addicts (like you and me) with the Sennheiser Amperior, Sennheiser announced the all new HD25 Aluminium - As the name suggested, it.... has aluminium parts! This 25 year anniversary model has SOLID aluminium cups which will give a super significant sound quality upgrade over the old plastic models of the HD25  (More details HERE)