Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 - Pioneer's new mysterious DJ gear?

The first time someone mentioned the Pioneer "XDJ-R1" was in the Pioneer forums where someone said they saw it being mentioned in the latest Rekordbox (Pioneer's Music Library Management Software) PDF manual.

I love conspiracy theories and TOP-SECRET Stuff so I decided to conduct my own investigation on the matter

The Evidences

Hmm... another Rekordbox DJ Gear? What's that - The XDJ-R1?

Did someone say Hot Cues? Woot!!
Another mention of the XDJ-R1 and the quantize features

The mysterious "Pioneer XDJ-R1" is mentioned many many times in the Rekordbox manual (found here). It seems like it is some kind of Rekordbox-ready DJ Player (like a cdj without a cd drive?), or perhaps an all-in-one unit (similar to the XDJ-AERO?).

The evidences suggest that the XDJ-R1 supports quantize mode for loops and cues (much like the CDJ900/2000/XDJ-Aero) and... check this out - HOT CUES!!! It appears that 3 of them are supported

The evidences also point that the XDJ-R1 may not have wifi or networking functions, so a possibility that it is a cheaper version of the XDJ-Aero without the networking/wifi functions?

I guess for now we can only guess as nothing else has been revealed at this point in time (March 5 2013) but I am definitely interested to see what Pioneer has in store for us very soon!