Friday, November 9, 2012

Dropbox makes syncing multiple computers super easy!!!

Those who have multiple computers will understand the headache of syncing files between the two systems! In particular are Audio session files - be it Ableton, Logic, Cubase, whatever, sometimes you start a project in one computer, sometimes you start it on the other one, sometimes you want to have access to one but its on the other one - annoying isn't it??

For me, I have a home desktop iMac system that I like to use at home just coz of the huge HD screen - meaning more desktop real estate for me to work on my music stuff

however... many times I feel kinda lazy and I like to work on stuff using my Macbook Pro while I lie down in my bed (LOL)

Some people handle this problem by using external hard drives - but you dont always have your external hard drive with you right?

So today I saw this future music video of Dada Life's studio tour - they mentioned the use of Dropbox to store their session files to sync between multiple computers easily - and fuss free (video below)

So I tried it today,  I go to my current Ableton Live session files, (make sure to COLLECT ALL to make sure all your stuff are intact), save everything to my dropbox folder, and hey - you know what - HOLY CRAP IT WORKS SO FLAWLESSLY!

What I do is I open the session files straight from the dropbox folder itself - and when I'm done I just save it - make sure to do the "collect all" in the menu to consolidate all audio files you used - and Bingo! You always have the latest version of your session file to work on anywhere - from you desktop or your laptop - just make sure you have a decent internet connection for this to work flawlessly as they need to sync with each other!

For those of you who have not joined Dropbox yet (HOW COULD YOU??? It's FREE!!)

Join now by clicking THIS LINK - you will get an extra 500GB free by using the link - no dont worry its not a virus or spam lol :D

Dropbox gives you 2GB of free space by default, you can increase this by inviting your friends etc to join it, which will progressively give you more space! So join now!