Sunday, May 13, 2012

Logic Pro 9 for $200 - Why You'd be Mad not to get it

Most of you would have already heard the massive price reduction on Apple's Logic Pro 9 - A very good, solid Digital Audio Workstation that used to cost A BOMB (My friend bought it for about SGD $850 last time - yes he's kicking himself now hahaha), now in Apple's APP Store, you can buy it for... USD 200!

Logic 9 was originally released in 2009 - yes that's like 3 years ago, a lot of people has been saying that its outdated, needs major update, blah blah, well yes its true, but still it is a solid performer in pretty much every way, its good for electronic music production, not too bad for audio post-production, and also excels in recording/mixdown of instruments (if you are into it)

If you are starting out with music production, this is probably the BEST $200 you can ever spend - serious! For the price you do get a MASSIVE number of instruments and loops, excellent instruments (they look outdated but the built in synths such as the ES2 is still a BEAST!), good plugins, overall it is just a really really good bang for your buck to invest on!

I personally own Cubase 6.5, Ableton Suite 8, and Logic as I am studying Audio Engineering and happened to be able to use Educational pricing to buy most of my stuff, but still, even I already have other DAWs, Logic is still an awesome investment!

So yes if you own a mac, into audio production, and have $200 to spend, you should definitely look at getting Logic 9 from the app shop! I mean it used to cost waaaay more than this when it first came out!

Speaking of loops, the built in instruments and apple loops (MASSIVE amounts of them!) are, while not the best, serve as an EXCELLENT basis for a lot of commercial / audio post stuff, the optional Jam Packs (optional content - Free to download after you purchase) ranging from World Music, Orchestral, Remix Kits, have all been neatly organized and tagged, labelled, so lets say you need to get something and you are running out of ideas, these loops can often be an awesome source of inspiration, whether you decide to replace the loops later or not is another story, but hey its always good to have and dont need than need and dont have no?

I suspect that Apple is about to release Logic X (or logic 10 whatever), which explained the massive price drop on the now slightly dated Logic 9, but hey, $200 for a full featured DAW with lots of samples, instruments, and plugins is one heck of a good deal! I mean i paid about USD400 for my Cubase 6 (with the 6.5 upgrade), thats like double!

So yes, always wanted to check out Logic? There's never been a better time to invest!

Logic Pro 9 is available at the Mac OSX App Store for $200