Monday, February 20, 2012

My House/Electro/Brostep Remix of The Winstons "Amen, Brother"

hey there!

this is my original  house/electro/brostep remix of the Winstons' classic song "Amen, Brother" that I did for my school assignment

Check IT Out! :)

Done on:
Ableton Live Suite 8
Sausage Fattener
Waves L2/L3/S1
Izotope Ozone 4

For those who are not familiar with the fascinating history about the "Amen Break" or "The Winstons" here is an awesome documentary that explains everything! Oh and you can hear that I took out the audio commentary from here :)

Oh and if by any reason you want to check out my Soundcloud you can click HERE :)