Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leaked Numark 4Trak Controller? The Traktor Version of the NS6?

Came across these pictures on the web...

I am pretty sure that this is the new "Numark 4Trak" - a New Traktor Controller that has a mapping already on Traktor 2 Pro 2.1.2 - It is listed as one of the controllers supported by Traktor

From these pictures it appears that the 'Numark 4Trak' is basically the NS6 repainted and some minor modifications for Traktor - This could be great news because I had an extensive play with the NS6 the other day and was really really impressed with everything, nice jogwheels, nice overall Tank build, except maybe the rather stiff buttons (could be just the demo unit) and many reporting of fragile power adapter brick, other than that the NS6 is a solid controller - if they can have the same kind of jogwheel response in Traktor as in Serato Itch then the 4Trak would be a killer controller!

Other than BAX.NL not many websites has these pictures (update: they have now been removed from the original website which was hosting the pics) so here they are, notice the weird mounting method of the FX unit? I dont quite understand the purpose of why they are detached, anyways here they are! (Click to Enlarge!)