Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pioneer DDJ-S1 vs DDJ-T1 comparison video

I just saw this on youtube:

Pretty good comparison video - when Pioneer announced these a few weeks ago i was like DAAAAYUM! I JUST BOUGHT THE S4!! (Thinking if I should sell the S4 and pick up one of these Pioneer kit)

But with the upcoming Traktor 2 update, and seeing that the Kontrol S4 will have a direct 1-to-1 (pretty much) mapping utilizing all the new features (loop recorded, sample decks , filter on each channel etc) im gonna say that I will pretty much stay with the S4

The NI Kontrol S4 IS a great controller, although some things about it Im not so happy with at all (The Stiff Hotcue buttons that arent so responsive, the short pitch sliders, and the seemingly non-replaceable crossfaders) but so far the PROs of the S4 outweighs the CONs, so I think Im gonna stick with it... I just hope the HotCue buttons will loosen up a bit and get more responsive in time with more wear and tear!