Monday, January 31, 2011

New Gear: Korg MicroKey! (Impressions + Mini Review)

New Gear!

Korg MicroKey: 37 key compact midi controller with pitch/modulation wheel. Those who are not content with only 25 keys - now you can have 37 keys plus the pitch/mod wheels!

Added Extra : Two Extra USB ports for more controllers!

And for size comparison, this is how it sits in front of my iMac 21 inch - Yes despite the name these "Micro" Keys arent really that small!

The Not-So-Micro-Key!

Short Review?

Hey these feel pretty good, they are bigger than the Akai LPK25's which is good because some of those really small keys arent very playable at all.

We are all aware of KORG's past epic win/fail situation with the Korg Nano series - the concept was good (Win!) but the built quality was pure SH!T (Fail!) , Akai responded with their Akai LPD8/LPK25 Series and Korg got owned...

So far i am pretty impressed with the price & built quality of the Korg Microkey - feels very solid and not wobbly like the Past nano series - Korg learnt from their mistakes and seems like they improved the quality on these things

Korg is back with a Vengeance! These new small (i have to say again - NOT SO SMALL in the case of the MicroKey) controllers are really nice - Very portable but not so small to the point that they are hard to use - in fact the keys feel really great

if you are something really small then Korg are releasing the new NANO Series 2 soon - these looks good and looks like they really listened and fixed what the first nano series lacked, Akai better step their game up!

Korg Microkey comes with:
  • Ableton Live Discount Coupon
  • Lounge Lizard Session Electric Piano (Lite? havent installed yet)
  • EZDrummer LITE (hey these are pretty good!)
  • Korg M1 LE Synth

In Singapore you can buy them at SGD$119 from City Music or Valentine's Music Centre (About USD$99)

Buy From Amazon:

Korg MicroKey 37-Key USB Midi Controller